Parallel Supply Switchgear and Controls

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Power Precision designs and builds systems to interconnect renewable and/or backup electricity supplies together or to the grid.

Energy sources can be single or multiple hydro, hydrogen, landfill gas, solar, wind or other energy generators.

Systems can be designed to connect generators in parallel with the electrical utility supply and operate the generator using KW control or other control methods.

Power Precision eliminates the need for transfer switches.  Our system controls electrically operated breakers for full flexibility, redundancy and control of a parallel supply system.

Generators can provide savings on electricity bills by "peak shaving" the KW demand charge. 

The same generator can be used for backup power and electricity savings.

Solutions are available to use hydrogen in diesel backup generators.


Reducing KW demand by 1000 KW in 1 month can result in over $150,000 in savings in 1 year !

A backup generator can generate savings to pay for the installation!

A demand charge of $14.55 per KW reduced by 1000 KW is $14,550 in savings in 1 month. The large industrial rate schedule applies 90% of the KW demand in Jan, Feb, March, Dec to all 12 months. Which means KW demand savings can be applied in other months without operating the generator.

A reduction of the KW demand by 1000 KW in 1 winter month can provide savings of $158,595 in 1 year! ($14,500 + 11 x 90% x $14,500)

In addition, the NB Power Peak Rebate Program offers $20/KW of demand reduction in ADDITION to the typical peak demand charges above.  This corresponds to an addtional $20,000 per season for 1000 KW demand reduction.

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