Safe, Reliable, Sustainable

Electrical Switchgear and Controls

Power Precision's purpose is to improve lives, communities and the environment by building switchgear and controls for safe, reliable distribution of clean electricity.

We design and build electrical switchgear and control equipment including

for safe, reliable connection and distribution of electricity. 

Our electrical products control and switch power for wind farms, electrical generators, electrical utilities, and large electricity users and producers.

Located in Atlantic Canada on the Bay of Chaleur, we have easy access to all our clients by sea or land.

Our staff includes engineers, technologists, technicians and electricians to design, build, install, test and maintain electrical equipment to CSA and ANSI/NETA standards.

Power Precision is CSA certified for industrial control and switchgear products.

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Power Precision designs and builds electrical power equipment for power generating sites, sustainable energy, distribution and industrial facilities.

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Power Precision uses modern techniques to design, build, test, and inspect electrical equipment to improve reliability and safety.

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Safe, Reliable, Sustainable

Electrical Power Systems


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